John and his bad back

We were at the New Wine gathering

We were at the New Wine gathering in the second week at Shepton Mallet in Somerset UK.

Robby Dawkins was leading a meeting encouraging us to understand that ALL of us could ask for healing and expect it. He called for people with a bad back to come out to the front for healing. John who, had suffered back pain in varying degrees for 40 years, went forward, a bit reluctantly, as he the pain in his back had been getting worse. John's worst nightmare started as Robby selected him and four others to come on stage in front of 4000 other people. This was most definitely taking him right out of his comfort zone.

Robby then asked each person to pray for one of the others who had a bad back. When it came to John's turn, he apologised because, even before being prayed for the pain appeared to be much less. Undaunted Robby asked, " Is there any pain still? John admitted that there was, so this was prayed for and at the end there was no pain left.

We were off on a 3 month tour around the world so we were both grateful that the pain had gone. Despite 13 flights, some long car journeys and quite a few days of sitting around waiting for flights or chatting with friends and family, there has been no recurrence.

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