God calls us to pray for others

He was astonished and asked how I knew she was ill

It was 02:30 and all of a sudden I was wide awake with this absolute conviction that I should pray for my Friend (who I had known since our first day at school). I didn't know why, all that I knew was that she was in danger and that I should pray.

This is not the first time that this has happened to me, so I knew that I mast pray NOW. I prayed and held her up before the Lord. After a short time I left her with our Lord and was able to go to sleep.

Next morning I phoned (R) her husband. He was astonished and asked how I knew she was ill. I explained what had happened and then he told me that she had spent the night in the hospital and that about 02:30 she had nearly lost her life but was now recovering and off the critical list. He explained how he had wanted to ring me up and ask for me to pray but had felt that he could not phone me up at that hour of the morning. This was a terrific witness to (R) who is not a Christian.

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