Jess the Miracle Baby

our contacts in the OSL were asked for prayer

Mum and Dad were both in their forties and this would be the first baby so they were both a little concerned. The pregnancy went well.

Come the time for delivery Nana felt that prayer was needed. So our contacts in the OSL were asked for prayer. On the morning of the 28th. Nana woke up suddenly with an urgent thought to pray for the birth, and did so. The delivery was a bit long and towards the end a shoulder jammed and the chord was wrapped around the baby's neck which caused some considerable concern.

The hospital staff were fantastic and worked quickly and efficiently to minimise the danger but Jessica spent her first few days in the special care unit, where she received excellent care and the nurses were constantly recording the weight and how much milk was being ingested. However, we felt certain that everything was OK.

Jess has grown into a healthy and highly intelligent young girl and everything is perfect.

It was later that Mum was talking to a midwife friend and telling her about the birth that her friend said, "You do realise what a miracle she is. She should have had some brain damage or disability and yet look at her"

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