Teachings of OSL

Members of the Order of St. Luke believe healing to be an essential part of the teaching and practices of our Lord Jesus Christ, as set forth in the Gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles. They aim to bring back this teaching to its rightful place within the Christian church, through constructive teaching, and through co-operation with clergy, ministers and members of the medical profession.

Every member of the Order is expected to do their best to aid and promote the work of the Order through promoting healing missions and services of healing;organizing prayer and study groups; offering intercessions and circulating literature on healing. The Order of St. Luke is an Order, similar to religious orders with which we are more familiar. It is similar in that it has a Rule of life, which it asks and expects its members to observe, according to their differing circumstances. It is dissimilar in that members are not asked to make vows of any kind.

The Rule of life embraces all aspects of a normal Christian life, in addition to the commitment to the Ministry of Christian Healing contained within it.