Rogation 3

Rogation meditation SEEDS 2009


This meditation is based on the parable of the sower, this is the first one in Mark’s gospel. Everything depends on the soil it grows in. Are we in productive or unproductive soil is our environment crowded out by weeds. Although soil can’t change its quality, we can, thanks to the help God gives us.


So God is like a farmer sowing seed. Does that mean that a farmer sowing his seed is like you, Father?

Is it a holy thing to be a farmer?

Is the production of food sacramental?

Do you call men and women to this work as you call priests and preachers to their work?

And if the soil can stand for men and women does it need loving care?

is it a sin to destroy it and take away its life?

And what do you think about the way we sow seeds now, Father?

We don’t just throw the seed about and hope it falls in the right place.

We discourage the birds and those who would walk through our precious crops.

We clear the stones away where we can.

We poison the thorns and weeds.

We drill the seed into the good soil and we make it better with fertiliser.

We want all the seed to produce a crop.

We want it to multiply a hundred and two hundred and three hundred fold.

We have to do this because there are fewer of us to do the work and there are thousands of millions of mouths to feed.


Close your eyes… feel your breathing and then slowly relax all you muscles starting at the head…down to the shoulders…down the arms…down your body…down your legs… take a second to register the darkness… the absence of movement, the absence of colour… now imagine you can’t open them again…This darkness, this absence, is all that is ever before your eyes. You are a seed… you are now gathered up with others in a sack. You are jolted around as the man walks to the fields. You here him explaining to others what happens when seed is sown.


Suddenly a hand grabs you and the other seeds and throws you out into the light, you are now lying on the ground, in a field. What is it like? … Is the sun shining? … Is it raining?...What is the air like? … Is it windy? Still? …


As time passes you feel your shoots start to sprout and you feel the light of the sun, your roots have started to gain a grip of the soil beneath… You are surrounded by other seeds also growing around you… Look at them… What colour are you?... some are growing faster than you… some are growing slower. Some seedlings are like you… some are different…Which sort are you? … Do you feel as if you have lots of space and sunlight or is everything a struggle.


As time passes you grow stronger and bigger… you start to produce seed… you start to change colour in the sunlight… feel the warmth as you grow… How productive are you?


My prayer is that the soil and seed might be good for tomorrow’s farmers too.

My prayer is that farmers will find a way to feed the world that they can sustain for generations to come.


Just as the seed needs Good soil, water and light to grow well. So do you. Ask Jesus now for the things that you need… to be fruitful.


Take your time as you watch him … take some time in silence as you think now … as you see now … what will you do now?


When you are ready feel your breathing once again and then open your eyes when you are ready.