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OSL Resources

OSL has a number of leaflets etc. available, including a history of the OSL (see Home page for a summary); our Rule Book; a Manual for members; an introduction to the Order and car stickers.    We are currently undertaking a review of a number of our resources, gradually updating and adding to them.

In addition there is a training course recommended for the use of our members which is available electronically and as a hard copy.

We publish a quarterly magazine, Healing Ways which is free to members and which aims to keep members in touch with what is happening in our Chapters and in the wider context of the Healing Ministry.


For Studies, Pamphlets, Cards and Periodicals please contact:

Rev. Chris Low


OSL International Bookstore


OSL Leaflet

The Manual 2013

Salvators   (The original magazine for OSL(UK)

Healing Ways

Running a Chapter