Other Sites of Interest

Other sites of Interest

OSL Publications

            Wholeness                       http://wholenessinhim.net/

            Sharing Magazine           http://OrderOfStLuke.org/Content/Sharing-Magazine


Toronto Vineyard church               http://www.CatchTheFire.com

Freshwind Ministries                     http://FreshWindMinistries.org

TV Program Rescources              http://100Huntley.com

Hospice Chaplains                       www.ahpcc.org.uk

Whole Person Health Network     http://wphNetwork.net

Street Pastors                              www.StreetPastors.co.uk

Healing Rooms                            http://HealingRooms.com

Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee  http://CostaHealingRooms.com

Christian Healing UK                   www.ChristianHealingUK.org

Healing on the Streets                  http://HealingOnTheStreets.com

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