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REPORT: OSL International Conference, 25 - 28 July 2019, Orlando, Florida, USA

The OSL International  Conference 2019 was a time of learning, fellowship and spiritual refreshment.  Being amongst 400+ OSL members from 9 countries, and listening to many of their stories was inspiring enough, ne'er mind the wealth of knowledge and  experiences that came through the diversity of conference speakers.

The first speaker, OSL North American Director Revd Josh Acton (pictured with me), encouraged us to function out of our hearts rather than our heads.  He also emphasised having the faith of Christ rather than merely faith in Christ.

Revd Dr Russ Parker focused on his specialist theme of blessing, giving many humorous stories through out his talks.  The theme of his final message - the importance of a father's blessing (as demonstrated by the Father's endorsement of Jesus at His baptism), was one of the strongest points of the entire conference.

Revd Sharon Lewis was a live wire, walking amongst the audience whilst preaching and in the final message of the conference, stirred us to rise up and walk (a spiritual take on the healing of the lame man in Acts 3).

Of the many workshops offered, the Healing Prayer Bootcamp was, I think, one of the most important.  Presented by Michael Molloy, it provided snippets of what is a new one-day 'crash course', that is successfully introducing new people to the ministries of OSL and Christian Healing Ministries, Inc (CHM).  It's definitely something for OSL UK to consider.

Finally, the keynote speaker Judith MacNutt, was an inspiration and clearly a good number of delegates came through CHM. Having laid a foundation by speaking on the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Judith's other talks emphasised barriers to healing, such as unforgiveness, failure to deal with after-effects of trauma and generational issues, for which she provided a 'preparation of family tree' handout.  Meeting Judith in the lift just before her final talk, she invited me to join with her staff member to pray for her.  It was an unexpected privilege and to me it demonstrated her down-to-earthedness.

Some of the conference was filmed, thanks to the voluntary services of an OSL member - a professional filmographer, and is expected to be available on www.OSLToday.org.

It was a blessing to attend this conference and it has helped me to understand the importance of OSL across the world.   The next international conference will be held in Australia in 2022.

David King