Entering a Room

Prayer on entering your Room/House

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you for this room/house.

I/we ask you to

wash it with your living water

By the power of your Holy Spirit.


Cover this place with the precious Blood

Of your Son Jesus Christ,

And post your holy angels

At the door and the windows.

May the time I/we spend here be blessed

By the exquisite awareness

Of Your constant healing presence.


Restore my/our soul/s as I/we sleep/pray,

Because I/we know you are watching Lord,

Never sleeping.


I/we am/are hungry to learn more about you, God.

Cause my/our mind/s to be open to hear your word.

Help me/us to see your opportunities

To be as Jesus to those around me/us.


Bless your holy name, Lord.

I/we pray in the name of the Father,

The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen!