Arrow Prayers


Demonstrate Love

Dear Lord, help me to live my life so that it demonstrates your love and draws others to you. (Stephen Rand)


Gifts of an abundant God

Abundant God, may the transforming presence of your grace, multiply the gifts I offer in service to your world. (Stephen Cottrell)


Patient God

Patient God, teach me to watch and wait. Teach me to see and hear. (Stephen Cottrell)


Turn to the Lord

Help me to turn to you, dear Lord and Father, whenever I am aware of my sin. Amen (Rachel Boulding)


God of Blessing

O God of blessing, you love to pour out on us the abundance of your kindness. Give us grace to live with such simplicity, such humility, that our lives have space to receive all that you long to give. (Penelope Wilcock)


Followers of Jesus

I pray for those who will suffer today because they follow Jesus. (David Runcorn)