29 Summary of the Gospels

29 Summary of the Gospels

Summary of Gospel Accounts


1.   What types of illnesses and infirmities were healed through Jesus' ministry? From this, what conclu­sions can you draw about the scope of God's healing power through Jesus?


2. Do you find any common characteristics among the people to whom Jesus ministered? If so, describe.


3.   What conclusions can you draw about the kinds of people to whom Jesus ministered? In which accounts were the persons in need friends or acquaintances of Jesus?


4. In how many of the twenty-six Gospel studies is faith a factor in the healing?

In how many is faith not expressed in any way? Based on these statistics what conclusion do you draw regarding the relationship between faith and healing?


5. List those acts in the Gospel studies other than verbal statements which you consider evidence of faith.


6.   How would you react to this comment if it were made to a sick person, "If you only had more faith you could be healed"?


7.   What would be your answer to a person who said to you, "I hear you belong to the Order of St. Luke the Physician, so you are involved in faith healing."?


8. In each healing instance there was one person present who never doubted nor questioned God's interest, ability and willingness to heal. Who was that person? How does this affect our practice of the healing ministry today?


9. What different methods did Jesus use to perform His healing ministry? Give specific examples. How many of these methods are available to us today?


10. Did Jesus pray for healing in any of the 26 encounters studied? Jesus does His praying?

. When and where did


11. In what ways were other people involved in the healing ministry of Jesus? Give specific answers from the Bible studies.


12. What verses in the 26 studies and the "Other Healing Passages" lead us to believe that we not only can, but should share in the healing ministry?


13. In what ways can we, today, be involved in Jesus' healing ministry?


14. To minister healing, must I Be a believer? Be a member of a church? Have faith? Prepare through prayer? Study scripture? Pray as an intercessor? Lay on hands? Touch? Anoint with oil? Belong to OSL? Be ordained? Discuss your responses.


15. To what extent do you believe that Jesus' ministry of healing should be a normal part of the life of every congregation?


16. How is God calling you to be involved in the healing ministry of Jesus?