14 Witness from a Wheelchair

14 Witness from a Wheelchair

Witness from a wheelchair


A woman named Nancy put this ad in her local newspaper: "If you are lonely or have a problem, call me. I am in a wheelchair and seldom get out. We can share our problems with each other. Just call. I'd love to talk."  The response to that ad was surprising 30 calls or more every week.

What motivated this woman to reach out from her wheelchair to help others in need?  Nancy explained that before her paralysis she had been per­fectly healthy but in deep despair. She had tried to commit suicide by jump­ing from her apartment window, but her fall left her paralyzed from the waist down.

In the hospital, utterly frustrated, she sensed that Jesus said, "Nancy, you've had a healthy body but a crippled soul.  From now on you will have a crippled body but a healthy soul."    As a result of that experience, she surrendered her life to Christ.  When she was finally allowed to go home, she prayed for a way to share God's grace with others, and the idea of the newspaper ad occurred to her.

Every believer can do something to help others.  Limited as we may be by sickness, old age, or disability, we can still pray, call, or write.  No matter what our condition, we can be effective witnesses for Jesus.

Lord, let me be a shining light

So others then may view

Your mercy and Your love displayed

In all I say and do.