00 The Universal LAW

00 The Universal LAW

The universal LAW


In the kingdom of God a simple – but non-negotiable – law of cause and effect operates.   What you give is what you receive.  

You want to receive?   Then you must first give.  

You want to be forgiven?   Then you must first forgive.  

You seek mercy?   Then be merciful.

The initiative lies with us.   This can take courage, especially if we have been hurt or betrayed in life. It is so tempting to hold back, saying (with apparent politeness), ‘You first’.   There is no risk-free living on offer here, though.   If we try to keep the door that leads us out to others ‘safely’ barred, we also close their way in to us.   We cannot have it both ways.   We need to hear this blessing and we need to practise trusting it.