Christian Healing - Information on the Order of St Luke UK

We believe God heals.  OSL UK operates through chapters spread across the country which meet to study the Scriptures; offer prayer, often with the laying on of hands, for healing; to promote the Christian healing ministry; and to study aspects of the healing ministry. We also assist churches in setting up healing ministry teams and services of healing. Members receive a quarterly publication, 'Healing Ways'. There is an annual conference and ALSO an International Conference with renowned speakers and workshops, to which non-members are also welcome.

Healing in Jesus' Time and Today. There are many instances of Christ's healing ministry in the Gospels, again and again we see in our Lord's healing miracles a response to the whole person, not simply to the symptoms presented, something we are called upon to take note of in our own ministry in the twenty-first century. It is very easy to be tempted to simply focus on the obvious symptoms and not reach out to the underlying cause. Yet we are called to follow our Lord's example and treat each person holistically as body, mind and spirit.  If you would like prayer then click Here.

We should acknowledge that despite all the wonderful advances in medicine we all need healing as much today as did the people who encountered Jesus 2000 years ago. This is because our relationship with God has been broken by sin and disobedience and needs to be restored through Christ. (see Rom. 3:23) Now, as then, Christ is our healer and reaches out to us, meeting us at our point of need with love and compassion regardless of our unworthiness in our own eyes or in the eyes of others.

CHAPTERS UPDATE (November 2020) 

We have chapters in Birmingham (Erdington and Sutton Coldfield), Greater Manchester (Orrell) and an online chapter meeting weekly on Thursdays 11am.  We also have members in various areas of the UK & Ireland.  Please contact us for more information.

OSL UK AGM & Conference 2020